Bruce Goldberg


Bruce Goldberg is a pharmacist from Omaha, NE.

The father of three boys and a husband to his lovely wife of over 25 years, Bruce has a passion to the pharmacy profession that spans many decades within his family. Growing up as a “drugstore rat” in his dad’s pharmacy, he learned the industry from the bottom up, with nightly conversations around the dinner table.

A graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Bruce’s interests including mountain biking, running, and camping. He has served on numerous boards and has been active in many industry trade groups.

“I simply love working with people and helping them understand the importance of their medicine. By spending just a few minutes to educate each patient on their Rx protocol, one truly can improve the health care of that individual…..and make lifelong friends to boot”.

Bruce’s goals within SIPA include the revival of a Building Bridges program amongst various health care providers and consumer groups.