Jenna Mann – Profile

Jenna Mann

Number of years on the board:  Since October 2008

Year of graduation/school/degree:  Wayne State College: 2010 Bachelor of Science in Health Science Creighton University 2007; University of Nebraska Medical Center 2012 Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate

Hometown and current place of residence: Hometown: Castana, IA; Current Residence: Omaha, NE

Work title and site:  (or school of pharmacy for students): Pharmacy Intern at Stangel Pharmacy; Student of University of Nebraska Medical Center

Reasons why you decided to run for the board: I wanted to become involved in this organization to learn about the issues facing the pharmacy industry.  I also wanted to join the organization to hear the ideas and opinions of pharmacists dealing with issues in the industry.  I felt that being involved in this organization would inform me about areas of pharmacy that I otherwise would not know about. 

Reflections on board/association involvement:  SIPA board members show their care and concern for the pharmacy industry.  They strive to improve all aspects of the industry with a main goal of helping maintain the quality of care provided to patients.  The board members are happy to involve students and ask for their opinions and experiences. 

Your goals for our profession:  My goal for the pharmacy profession is to continue providing for the patient and doing whatever I can to improve their quality of care. The pharmacy industry is always changing and it is important to keep up with these changes to be able to provide the best for the patient.

Other professional organizational involvement: Academy of Student Pharmacists (ASP)

Community service activities: Computer packing for Africa, Healthy Heartland Mini Clinic, St. Wencelslaus Health Fair, UNMC Career Day


Other items of interest: I enjoy going home to Iowa to visit my family when I have time.  I enjoy outdoor activities such as gardening and riding my bike.  I enjoy cooking, playing the piano, sewing, and watching movies. 

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