The Southwest Iowa Pharmacists Association is proud to have coordinated over 100 programs during the past 20 years. Almost all of the programs were accredited for continuing education by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) in cooperation with the Iowa Pharmacy Association.Three of the programs attracted audiences of over 300 pharmacists, technicians, and student pharmacists.Our largest event attracted 445 audience members, including one US Congressman. The program was held in August of 2005 at Harrah’s in Council Bluffs. It was titled “The New Medicare Benefit” and presented by the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and was cosponsored by our Association. SIPA also assisted in the coordination of this program. This forum, one of many presented by NCPA throughout the country, was the best attended of all of NCPA’s Medicare forums. Its audience size surpassed all other program sites, including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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April 23, 2015 Pharmacy Audits – What YOU Need to Know
October 30, 2014 The Opioid Epidemic – Is It Our Fault?
August 14, 2014 The Missing Link: Medication Manager
July 10, 2014 New Oral Anticoagulants in the Prevention and Treatment of Thrombosis
July 10, 2014 An Update on Synthetic Drugs
October 10, 2013 Health Care Reform Overview
August 29, 2013 Best Practices to Reduce Prescription Dispensing Errors
July 25, 2013 Meth360
April 25, 2013 Prescription Fraud and Drug Diversion
October 25, 2012 Business Considerations for Community Pharmacy Practices
August 30, 2012 Hospice Care: The Pharmacists Role
June 28, 2012 Legal Issues in Pharmacy Practice
April 19, 2012 Patient Safety II: Risk Management for Minimizing Harm (and Claims)
October 27, 2011 Rapid Diagnostic Testing in a Community Pharmacy
September 29, 2011 Basic Wound Care 101
July 14, 2011 Medication Therapy Management
May 12, 2011 Professional Liability: Focus on Reducing Errors
November 4, 2010 An Update on Arthritis and Related Conditions
August 19, 2010 A Brief Overview of Symptomatic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
Memory Loss, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease
June 17, 2010 Managing Diabetes:  One Step at a Time
Communicating with Legislators:  The Pharmacists’ Role
April 22, 2010 The Importance of HDL-C in Lipid Management
Communication Issues is Pharmacy Practice II:  The Sequel
October 29, 2009 Bisphosphonate Therapy for the Management of Osteoporosis
Electronic Prescribing and the Community Pharmacist
August 20, 2009 Evidence Based Approach to the Treatment of AsthmaLipid Lowering Therapy
July 23, 2009 A Pharmacy Town Hall Meeting
June 25, 2009 New Maintenance Treatment for COPD
A Review of Common Drug Interactions
May 13, 2009 Prophylaxis of Deep Vein Thrombosis
April 23, 2009 Vesicare: A New Approach in the Treatment of OAB
Contemporary Issues in Alcohol and Drug Addiction
August 28, 2008 An Update from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy
June 26, 2008 An Update on Namenda
How will $4.00 Prescriptions Affect Your Salary and the
Profession of Pharmacy?
April 24, 2008 An Update on Lexapro
Enhancing Pharmacy Practice by Improving
Communication Skills
February 7, 2008 Medication Therapy Management in Community Practice:
The Mirixa Experience[Presented by the Creighton School of Pharmacy and
Health Professions; co-sponsored by SIPA and the
Nebraska Pharmacists Association]
October 25, 2007 An Update on Zostavax
How will the AMP Rule affect Pharmacy?
September 13, 2007 An Update on Exforge
Integrating Medication Therapy Management into Pharmacy Practice
June 20, 2007 Primary Objectives in GERD Management
Statin Therapy: New Guidelines, Patient Safety, and Adherence
March 22, 2007 An Update on Byetta
Improving Patient Safety by Reducing Medication Errors
January 18, 2007 Conducting Proper Medication Use for Erythropoietic Therapy
Drug Information on the Internet: Identifying Reliable Sites
September 28, 2006 Improving Patient Care by Understanding Reimbursement for Diabetic Supplies
August 24, 2006 GERD—Pediatric to Geriatric
An Update on Pharmacy Benefit Managers
July 20, 2006 A Hands-On Session with Glucose Meter Systems
February 16, 2006 Treating Anemia in the Chronic Kidney Patient
An Update on Medicare Part D
September 8, 2005 Acute Coronary Syndrome
The Methamphetamine Epidemic
August 18, 2005 The New Medicare Benefit—presented by NCPA
445 people in attendance, the largest forum in the country
June 9, 2005 PBM’s and Their Effect on Pharmacy
April 14, 2005 Pharmacologic Options in the Management of Allergic Rhinitis
February 24, 2005 The Value of Pharmaceuticals: Myths and Facts about Medicines
June 17, 2004 Management of Dyslipidemia in the New Millennium
March 25, 2004 The Current Role of Oral Medications for Erectile Dysfunction
January 29, 2004 Stroke Prevention and Treatment
October 28, 2003 Treating Overactive Bladder and Incontinence
September 18, 2003 Antipsychotic Use in Special Populations
April 24, 2003 Management of NSAID-Associated Peptic Ulcer Disease
April 10, 2003 Asthma: Diagnosis and Treatment
March 5, 2003 HIPAA: What Pharmacists Need to Know
January 16, 2003 Anemia Management
December 4, 2002 Male Hypogonadism: Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies
November 21, 2002 Schering Report XXIII: Pharmacists, Technicians, and Technology
September 18, 2002 An Update on GERD and PPI’s
July 11, 2002 Treating Depression in the New Millennium
May 22, 2002 An Update on COX-2 Inhibitors
January 7, 2002 Clinical Comparison of the Proton Pump Inhibitors
November 29, 2001 An Update on Headaches
October 30, 2001 An Update on Atypical Antipsychotics and SSRI’s
September 13, 2001 Pharmacy and Managed Care
March 22, 2001 New Directions in Fluoroquinolone Therapy
January 24, 2001 An Update on GERD
aDecember 13, 2000 Resistant Gram-Positive Organisms: Focus on Linezolid
aOctober 12, 2000 Erectile Dysfunction
CESeptember 21, 2000 Managing Migraine Headaches
CESeptember 6, 2000 Effective Communication Depends on the Right Script
CEJuly 20, 2000 An Update on Proton Pump Inhibitors
CEJune 15, 2000 Drug Treatment of Acute and Chronic Pain
CEFebruary 24, 2000 Insomnia and New Treatment Alternatives
CEJanuary 13, 2000 Strategies for Weight Management
CEOctober 28, 1999 An Update on Selective COX-2 Inhibitors
CEAugust 26, 1999 Acute Myocardial Infarction
CEJune 24, 1999 Managing CHD Risk via Cholesterol Lowering
CEMay 26, 1999 Clinical Management of Obese Patients
CEMay 24, 1999 The Management of GERD
CEApril 22, 1999 Anticoagulation Therapy Using Low MW Heparins
CEMarch 23, 1999 Advanced Therapy with COX-2 Inhibitors
CEFebruary 9, 1999 New Guidelines, New Paradigms for ARB’s
CEJanuary 21, 1999 Treatment Options for Community Acquired Pneumonia
CESeptember 29, 1998 Legislative Issues Related to Pharmacy
CEAugust 11, 1998 New Treatment Options for B.V.
CEJuly 16, 1998 Controlling Hypertension by the year 2000
CENovember 19, 1996 Anti-Histamines in Allergic Disease
CEAugust 27, 1996 Management of Varicella Zoster and Herpes Virus Infections
CEJuly 12, 1996 Antibiotic Resistance
CEMay 21, 1996 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
CEMarch 21, 1996 A Profession in Transition: The Changing Faces of Pharmacy
February 20, 1996 Emerging Strategies for the Management of Type II Diabetes
October, 1993 Health Care Reform In cooperation with the Greater Omaha Pharmacists Association, Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy Speakers from the American Medical Association, the American Pharmaceutical Association, and the Presidential Health Care Reform Task Force
Over 300 pharmacists, students, and technicians in attendance
CEJune 29, 1993 The Role of the Patient Counseling in providing Pharmaceutical Care
June 15, 1993 Smoking Cessation Methods
CEApril 20, 1993 Depression in the Elderly
Creighton Phi Lambda Sigma presentation
Iowa Prior Authorization Department presentation
November 17, 1992 Drug Treatment of Lipid Disorders
November 3, 1992 Smoking Cessation Therapies
Presented with the Greater Omaha Pharmacists Association
October 20, 1992 Future Directions in Pharmacy
In cooperation with the Greater Omaha Pharmacists Association, Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Pharmacy
Speakers from the American Pharmaceutical Association, the Health Care Finance Administration, the American Society for Pharmacy Law, and PCS, Inc.
Over 300 pharmacists, students, and technicians in attendance
September 22, 1992 An Update on Alzheimer’s Disease followed by the Iowa Pharmacy Association’s Fall Pharmacy Night over 100 pharmacists, students, and technicians in attendance
July 7, 1992 An Update on Estrogen Replacement Therapy
June 16, 1992 An Update on Arthritis Therapy
June 9, 1992 Diabetes Therapy: The Pharmacists Role
May 12, 1992 A Look at the New ACE Inhibitors
Current Therapy for Smoking Cessation
April 14, 1992 Evolution of Cholesterol Awareness—New Therapeutic Strategies
October 22, 1991 Health Care Reform
In cooperation with the Pottawattamie-Mills County Medical Society
Speakers from the American Medical Association, the National Health Policy Council, the Creighton University Center for Health Policy and Ethics, and the Iowa Pharmacists Association
July 23, 1991 The Bioavailability of Anti-Hypertensive Medications
April 30, 1991 Depression: The Pharmacists Role
December 4, 1990 Current Therapy for Otitis Media
October 9, 1990 Pharmatrends 2000
In cooperation with the Greater Omaha Pharmacists Association
Speakers from the Pharmacy Freedom Fund, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa , Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska , the Iowa Pharmacists Association, the Nebraska Pharmacists Association
Over 120 pharmacists, students, and technicians in attendance
October 24, 1989 Legal Issues Related to Pharmacy Practice
Speakers from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy, Division of Investigations and Enforcement Bureau of Examining Boards of Nebraska, the Council Bluffs Police Department, the Pottawattamie County Attorney , the Food and Drug Administration, the Iowa Legislature, and the Iowa Pharmacists Association
April 18, 1989 An Update on Major Advances of Thrombolytic Therapy

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