Lou Carta Scholarship

Lou Carta, RPh

Lou Carta, RPh

Lou started pharmacy school at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, in the fall of 1943. He was 17 years old, which was too young to go to war. After one year in college, he entered the army following his 18th birthday. He was stationed in Germany, where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge, earning a purple heart. After being discharged, he returned to school and graduated in 1951. He became registered in both Iowa and Nebraska.

Lou worked in many pharmacy settings—hospital, nursing home, self-service pharmacy, and several retail pharmacies. In 1976, he opened his own store, called “The Pharmacy”, which was located in Council Bluffs. He successfully ran the business for seventeen years. Sadly, Lou’s wife developed Alzheimer’s disease. Lou sold the business so that he could take care of her.

Lou has one daughter who is a pharmacist, one who is an oncology nurse, one who is a dental assistant, one who is a pharmacy technician, and one who clerks and is a bookkeeper for a retail pharmacy. Also, he has a son who is a psychologist.

Lou is one of the pharmacists who started the Council Bluffs Pharmacists Association, which became the Southwest Iowa Pharmacists Association. The original organization was founded in the 1960’s, and is now in its sixth decade. Lou served in several leadership positions, including president.

Lou is now happily retired from pharmacy practice and the SIPA board.

The Southwest Iowa Pharmacists Association is proud to sponsor the Lou Carta Scholarship and has awarded the scholarship to deserving students since 2000.


For more information on the Lou Carta Scholarship, download the sample application. For the current year’s scholarship application, please contact Tony Beraldi, RPh, at [email protected].

Sample application: Lou Carta Scholarship SAMPLE Application 2017-2018


Past Lou Carta Scholarship Recipients:

Terrence Brown UNMC Omaha, NE
Claire Weidman Iowa Council Bluffs, IA


Megan Lightfoot Creighton Shenandoah, IA
Andrew Stessman Drake Manning, IA


Rory Ruma UNMC Missouri Valley, IA
Becca Dieter Drake Carroll, IA
Megan Alons   Drake LeMars, IA
Katie Gregory Creighton Glenwood, IA
Mark Farrage Creighton Council Bluffs, IA
Jessica Chardoulias UNMC Glenwood, IA
Christa Wolff Creighton West Point, NE
Jessica Chardoulias UNMC Glenwood, IA
Lori Schnepf Creighton LeMars, IA
Daniel Aistrope Creighton Randolph, IA
Teri Swenson Drake Dunlap, IA
Melissa Beery Creighton Norfolk, NE
Lisa Hegemann Creighton Columbus, NE
Jennifer Lyon Creighton Onawa, IA
Lisa Hegemann Creighton Columbus, NE
Rebekah Koch Drake Tarkio, MO
CoraLynn Becker Drake Cumberland, IA
Karissa Kaczmarek Creighton Omaha, NE
Mike Brownlee Iowa Shenandoah, IA
Ryan Jacobsen Creighton Elk Horn, IA
Julie Kenkel Drake Panama, IA